37 countries participate in Pakistan 'Aman-17' naval exercise

37 countries participate in Pakistan 'Aman-17' naval exercise

37 countries participate in Pakistan 'Aman-17' naval exercise

The five-day exercise codenamed Aman 17 began off the coast of Karachi with the participation of 37 countries.

British Navy ship, the HMS Daring arrives for Aman-17 exercise.

Nine of the participating nations, including Australia, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Russian Federation, are taking part with naval assets.

Initiated and organised by Pakistan, the "Aman" series exercise has been held every other year since 2007, aiming to boost inter-operability and to demonstrate the allied nation's capabilities to fight terrorism and other maritime threats.

United resolve against terrorism and crimes in maritime domain-Five-day multinational Naval Exercises "AMAN 2017" are beginning in the Arabian Sea today, signifying Pakistan's geo strategic importance in the region.Slogan of AMAN exercise is "Together for Peace".The aim of the exercises is to display united resolve against terrorism and crimes in maritime domain.

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The drills are being held on February 10-14 in the Arabian Sea off Karachi.

A Pakistani naval official said warships from Russia, China and the United States have arrived to take part in the exercise. It is the fifth such exercise that Pakistan has been holding since 2007. Since threats such as maritime terrorism, drug trafficking and piracy have acquired global dimensions, therefore, it is the need of the hour that all the major and regional countries get together to deal with them in an effective manner.

The exercise will also help in enhancing Pakistan Navys interoperability with regional and extra-regional navies thereby acting as a bridge between the regions, according to the statement.

The presence of these friendly countries from all over the world was a manifestation of the firm resolve of the global community towards peace and stability in the Indian Ocean, he had said. Being a lead nation, Pakistan's maritime forces are actively participating with other navies in combating Narco trade, human smuggling, gun running, terrorism and piracy at high sea.

One of the key features, other than sea exercise, is global maritime conference spread over three days, being organised by National Maritime Policy Research Centre.

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