Elon Musk Says People Should Merge With Machines

He said that the time has come when biological science and Artificial Intelligence might see a merger.

Musk - who was also on hand to announce Tesla's expansion into the United Arab Emirates, the company's first official entrance to the Middle Eastern market - told a panel at the World Government Summit in Dubai Monday that while self-driving vehicle systems are imminent within the next few years, it might take longer for the tech to fully "disrupt" manual driving. Musk said that the speed of our brains operation and communication is a lot slower than computers.

The Luddite reference stems from the 19th century, when a group of English workers stormed the country side, smashing cotton mills and lumber mills, claiming the then-new technologies were destroying their jobs.

Universal basic income is a solution to an issue foreseen since the industrial revolution, but nowadays more and more workers are seeing themselves displaced by machines capable of doing their job for a fraction of the cost.

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Amid the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday, Musk highlighted Tesla's UAE launch with a discussion of how humans can work intimately and in parallel with AIs to stave off the forced retirement of the race.

In terms of the auto industry, Musk says that in just 10 years, automakers will manufacture and produce cars designed with full autonomous driving capability such as driverless functionality in mind, as reported by Business Insider.

Tesla announced previous year plans to build self-driving technology into all its electric cars. He predicts that job disruption among those who drive for a living will feel the pain gradually over the next two decades, putting 15% to 20% of the world's workforce out of a job. Kallo cited the Gigafactory tour as a factor in his confidence in the company, and said he thinks Tesla can deliver about 25,000 Model 3 sedans before the end of the year. Driving in various forms. "So we need to figure out new roles for what do those people do, but [autonomous cars] will be very disruptive and very quick", he added further.

Musk has also spoken about humans merging with AI in the past. This evolutionary process, he speculated, requires high bandwidth interfaces that connect the brain directly to that of a machine to solve the "control problem and the usefulness problem". Thus, to risk being replaced by a robot or artificial intelligence, we need to become machines.

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