Latest update to Google Maps lets users save destinations in shareable lists

Tap on the Save icon and it will add the spot to one of several pre-set lists, such as Want to Go or Favorites, according to Maier.

How to create: To create a list, open the side menu, go to Your places, open Saved, and then click on the plus sign in the blue circle at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you download offline maps of an area, all of the places that you've added to the list in that particular area will be available as well.

You can share lists via text, email, social networks and popular messaging apps.

When you go into the list, a share icon pops up at the top and you can send it out via a link. These lists can be saved for offline use for simple access when you're without a solid data connection, and you'll be able to access preexisting lists and create new ones on both desktop and mobile.

The update is the latest in a series of new features rolling out on Google Maps, such as one for determining parking difficulty, launched last month.

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You can create your list only through the iOS or Android app, but you have the ability to share your list and view your list right from your computer. This way, you can distinguish between the places that you've visited and the places that you would like to see some day. New Google Maps feature allows users to create and share lists. Instead of hopping from app to app to check where you should head next, you can simply pull up a List to see what's near you (given you've done some research beforehand), and get directions to that spot.

Google Maps users can add a place to a list by tapping their chosen venue and hitting the Save option. For casual users, Maps may now be all that's needed to keep track of future destinations, continuing its evolution beyond pure mapping.

The new features gives a more social feel to the app akin to Foursquare.

Saving your favorite locations in Google Maps was never a particularly good experience.

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