McDonald's Latest Innovation Is an Over-Engineered Straw

Necessary or not, the new straw will be available in limited quantities at select locations alongside the company's three new "Shamrock-infused" shakes. Yes, really. (The company clearly has money to burn.) The scientists used their advanced knowledge of physics to cut holes in the device, which has a U-shaped curve at its base. That's why people at McDonald's have re-invented the straw for one of its thick multi-layered Chocolate Shamrock Shake. The innovation is a J-shaped straw with strategically-placed holes created to optimize the consumption of the drink. To put an end to that feeling, McDonald's has come up with a solution: The STRAW. McDonald's needed to ask for the help of two difference engineering firms to improve the straw. McDonald's Darci Forrest, senior director of the company's innovation group, joined the event as well.

One of the inventors behind the straw, principal engineer and managing partner Seth Newburg, said: "It was a puzzling assignment but one with an ambitious goal". From a physics perspective, it's actually quite hard to deliver a proportional amount of both chocolate and mint flavors with each sip.

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Developers at NK and JACE labs worked on the development of this gadget for months.

McDonald's chose to re-engineer the straw above all other mechanisms. They'll be available at participating restaurants with the purchase of a Chocolate Shamrock Shake. This includes the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and Shamrock Mocha, all with the usual ingredients but with Shamrock Shake syrup blended in. Sadly, McDonald's will limit the straw distribution.

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