Melissa McCarthy Returns to SNL as Sean "Spicey" Spicer

Reportedly, President Trump was not amused by Melissa McCarthy's surprise turn as Press Secretary Sean Spicer in the previous episode-specifically because Spicer was played by a woman.

McCarthy opened the night's briefing by assuring the press corps that it needn't worry: This was going to be the "New Spicy". "This is the new Spicey".

"I have been told I am to cut back on the gum chewing, so I am now limiting myself to one slice a day. Way too many pieces in there".

The eight-minute sketch once again depicted Spicer's combative tone with the press.

She then proceeded to stumble through pronunciations while reading the president's daily schedule of meetings and events with a "Central Asia" leader.

"That was me blowing away their dishonesty", she said.

His chosen venue: "The People's Court", where he was suing the three judges.

"These babies are a real head turner", Spicer adds, while lifting her leg into the air to show off one of her leopard print shoes.

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"I said that wrong when I said it", she seethed when asked about a confusing remark.

Spicer lists the terrorist attacks that the media "never even write about", including "the Bowling Green massacre - OK not the Kellyanne one, the real one!". But of course with Donald Trump, we do know.

The show's cold open this week pilloried the weird reaction the White House had to retail giant Nordstrom dropping first daughter Ivanka Trump's clothing line. "Uh oh. We are going to pat her down, and then we are going to read her e-mails and if we don't like the answers - which we won't - boom, Guantanamo Bay".

As promised by McCarthy in the cold open, Baldwin did end up donning Trump's orange halfway through the episode, taking the court that ruled against Trump to The People's Court.

McCarthy's Spicer also called Nordstorm's decision to stop stocking the Ivanka Trump line "light terrorism" and proceeded to show off one of the president's daughter's bracelets. "Nordstrom's loss", explained McCarthy's Spicer, showing off one of Ivanka's "bangles" on his wrist: "It's handsome, it's shimmery, it's elegant, and at $39.99 it is unbelievably affordable".

Yeah, I said that wrong when I said it. It was the show's best overnights since Jim Carrey's hosting gig in 2011 was boosted by a late National Football League playoff game.

After Kate McKinnon made a creepy cameo as new attorney general Jeff Sessions, the press conference ended with Spicey assaulting reporters with a leaf blower and a newly mechanized podium.

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