PS4 Update Adds 3D Blu-ray, External Hard Drive Support

PS4 Update Adds 3D Blu-ray, External Hard Drive Support

PS4 Update Adds 3D Blu-ray, External Hard Drive Support

Console storage has never been great, but with games sometimes taking up more than 80GB a pop, it hasn't been hard for people to fill up the storage that came with their device. With this update, you have the option to store content to an external HDD.

Now, your large game collection won't necessarily have to clash with your unsuitably diminutive hard drive, as going forward you'll be able to plug in a USB 3 external hard drive.

You can download and install games and applications directly to the external hard drive, and they'll show up on your homescreen alongside anything stored on the internal hard drive.

Sony didn't reveal all the changes coming in the Sasuke update-the company said only that "there are more features" that will be revealed soon. If you intend to expand your PS4 storage with an external hard drive, you may want to start hunting for deals now.

Sony remained vague about which titles would benefit exactly, but it's probably safe to say Boost Mode won't apply to games that were specifically patched to add PS4 Pro support. This can be achieved through the use of ShareFactory's Photo Mode.

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Sony today announced a long overdue feature is coming to the PlayStation 4: external hard drive support.

PS4 Firmware version 4.50 is now available for beta program participants and will roll to all users in the next few weeks. This will allow it to improve performance for all games, even if they haven't been patched to support it.

Custom wallpapers are finally being added, so you can use in-game screenshots as the background on your PS4's main menu.

A couple of other things arriving on the PS4 with this new update will be a quick menu refresh and a simplified notification list. This means you'll be able to watch 3D movies through the headset. With the upcoming 4.50 update, players can rest easy, knowing there's less chance of them accidentally destroying something for the sake of convenience.

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