Teen girls posted cryptic Snapchats before their deaths

IN authorities on Wednesday identified a pair of bodies they found near the shore as Abigail Williams and Liberty German, two teenagers who went missing earlier this week.

The bridge is a frequented spot for its beauty and was the backdrop of the final picture of Abigail Williams taken by Liberty German and posted to Snapchat at 2:07 p.m., some hours before they were declared missing at 5:30 p.m on February 13.

Family, friends and rescue crews combed the area through the evening on Monday and could not locate the two teens.

Police suspect foul play, but have not released information about injuries and there is now no information on potential suspects.

While police initially did not suspect foul play in the girls disappearance, on Tuesday they said it seemed foul play was involved in their deaths. "There is nobody of interest at this point in time that we can say".

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When two bodies were found near Deer Creek about a mile east of Delphi, though, authorities said they did suspect foul play in those victims' deaths. It is unclear who discovered the bodies, but they were discovered on Tuesday about half a mile from the Monon High Bridge.

Notice of the two girl's having gone missing came just hours after having been dropped off by family members at 1pm on Monday along after there was no trace of the girls when they failed to return to an afternoon pick-up spot. "Obviously, very distraught. I'm just anxious", Patty said. It's getting cold and they've been out a long time.

'All I want to do is have the girls get home safe, ' Patty said. They were reported missing hours later after they did not appear at a predetermined meeting place.

People living in Delphi were concerned when the two girls went missing because it is a small town in northwest in and has a population of only around 3,000, with a close-knit community.

A K-9 unit and a dive team were deployed to search for the teens.

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