Tim Cook Advises Tech Firms to Take more Action Against Fake News

Tim Cook Advises Tech Firms to Take more Action Against Fake News

Tim Cook Advises Tech Firms to Take more Action Against Fake News

The augmented-reality technology rumored to be in Apple's (AAPL) upcoming iPhone 8 could look like a me-too feature if the company ends up following other smartphone makers to market with AR capabilities. The technology boss said firms such as his own needed to create tools that would help stem the spread of falsehoods, without impinging on freedom of speech.

The proliferation of misinformation is a "big problem in a lot of the world" and is "killing people's minds in a way", Cook said Friday in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. The promoting misinformation for political gain is not the good idea for any community. He added that it is unfortunate than some of the winners of today, are essentially people who spend time trying to garner more clicks instead of truth. The company was reported to hire some people in the AR domain, and now Tim Cook talked about this. Cook has suggested the need for a modern version of a big public information campaign.

Bolstering this rumor, Jankowski also draws our attention to the fact that Lumentum during its most recent earnings conference call said that they just "shipped our first revenue into what we believe could be a high volume mobile device application". "The outcome of that is that truthful, reliable, nonsensational, deep news outlets will win".

Or in the case of Kellyanne Conway, straight-up spouting falsehoods on national news.

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It comes after rapper Drake said he had been the victim of a fake media story following claims he told a woman to remove her hijab at one of his concerts in London. Hillary Clinton was scrutinized over her claim that there was "no evidence" her emails had been hacked because the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, James Comey, had concluded it was likely they had been.

Much of the fake news controversy has focused on Facebook, where in recent months fabricated stories have become wildly popular.

The social media giant has since implemented a fake news filter in advance of the French and German presidential elections, in which consulting media companies check popularly shared articles for their veracity.

It seems as if everyone has a take on so-called "fake news" these days, even though its definition is getting murkier and less clear.

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