What Is A Pangolin? Google Doodle's Valentine's Day Game Features Endangered Animal

What Is A Pangolin? Google Doodle's Valentine's Day Game Features Endangered Animal

What Is A Pangolin? Google Doodle's Valentine's Day Game Features Endangered Animal

This Valentine's Day, Google wants to spread the love with a new playable Doodle that aims to raise awareness of the looming extinction of the pangolin. World, meet the pangolin.

"There are eight species of pangolin, four each in Asia and Africa, and all are under threat, including two species listed as Critically Endangered. More than one million pangolins have been illegally taken from the wild to be used in fashion products and purported medicinal remedies", the World Wildlife Fund points out.

According to Google, the animal is not only the world's only scaly mammal, it is also the world's most trafficked mammal. Their sharp scaly skin helps them in staying protected from the external attack. It costs between $25 and $55 to adopt a pangolin and the most expensive adoption kit includes a 12-inch plush pangolin, a photo, adoption certificate and species card, and a gift bag.

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The interactive Doodle allows users to control a rolling, jumping pangolin. In India, the pangolin learns to write music to woo his mate; in China, the pangolin learns to dance and in the Phillippines, he learns the art of flower arrangement. It can be played on both mobile and desktop.

Here's the link to the Doodle game, play it with all your love and let us know if you liked it.

For its latest Doodle, which is nearly as addictive as this Dinosaur one, Google worked in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund to help spread awareness about the pangolin. But to make sure that they do fall in love in person, you have to help one of the pangolins go around the world and learn from different countries what makes the ideal date.

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