What The NCAA's Longest Win Streak Looks Like

What The NCAA's Longest Win Streak Looks Like

What The NCAA's Longest Win Streak Looks Like

As for the Gamecocks, they will look to bounce back Thursday when they host the Vanderbilt Commodores. The game was, in truth, a much tougher affair than numerous previous 99 wins, games which UConn have won by an average of nearly 39 points.

UConn reached the 25-win plateau for the 24th consecutive year Monday night. Along with Cuevas-Moore they could play a major role in whether SC can end the longest winning streak in NCAA basketball history. Oh wait, I am. That's how comically impressive this run is, it's surpassed at the college or professional level only by an exhibition team that dazzles fans with parlor tricks in games tilted in their favor. If you said, "yes" to yourself keep reading, if not, keep reading anyway. Along the way, Auriemma picked up win No. 900 in only 1,034 games in a 60-point win over Cincinnati.

South Florida's senior class is second to UConn in the American Athletic Conference with 94 wins. It's not like he can pick 100 and have them, stockpile them somewhere in a gym in Storrs, Connecticut, and pull them out when he wants to.

The No. 1 ranked Huskies took on No. 6 South Carolina Gamecocks at UConn where it was a sold out crowd.

The Huskies have 56 wins by over 40 points during the streak. The pair has averaged a combined 31 points and 18.6 rebounds in keeping SC atop the Southeastern Conference and tracking toward a fourth consecutive league title.

"How long is it going to be before someone gets anywhere close to that (win streak)", Stringer said.

"This 100 win streak isn't theirs, but if they win the national championship, that's all theirs", Auriemma said. The Huskies came away victorious in each one. So, of all players coming out of college, they were the best three.

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A major milestone for the UConn Women's Basketball team winning 100 straight games in a row.

Two of UConn's four consecutive national championships happened during the streak.

There is no doubt that a potential fifth straight national title, and 12th overall, is more appealing to Auriemma.

It's a really good team, part of the most successful program in the history of the sport, but still just a team. Is it fair? Absolutely not. What is overshadowed is Stanford broke UConn's 47-game winning streak at the time. "When you see it, you'll know that we've arrived". Is there a secret trick he has up his sleeve that he's not telling anyone about?

For 18 minutes of the first half, it was nip and tuck, as SC stayed up to pace with UConn, remaining within a point of the Huskies. Since his arrival he's won an absurd 88 percent of his games, accruing a record of 978-134.

If UConn is able to win tonight, the 100th victory will likely result in the same kind of debate.

Before Monday night's game, the Huskies' Twitter account noted that during their streak, the team defeated 27 ranked opponents by an average margin of 23.6 points. Who knows, maybe two years from now people will be writing about UConn's 200th win.

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