Zuckerberg suggests major role for AI in Facebook's future

Zuckerberg suggests major role for AI in Facebook's future

Zuckerberg suggests major role for AI in Facebook's future

Zuckerberg acknowledges the "fake news" and "filter bubbles" that exist on Facebook, although argues he also worries "there are even more powerful effects we must mitigate around sensationalism and polarisation leading to a loss of common understanding".

Mark Zuckerberg has clearly done a lot of thinking in the last twelve months.

"There are questions about whether we can make a global community that works for everyone, and whether the path ahead is to connect more or reverse course", he wrote.

And Facebook says it will reduce the number of sensationalist and fake articles in its news feed and instead highlight well-reported, in-depth articles. Yet now, across the world there are people left behind by globalisation, and movements for withdrawing from global connection. This is why so often you'll read a story about how Facebook has censored a user for some nonsensical reason, where all they were doing was sharing a photo of themselves breastfeeding or exposing their elbow. "History is the story of how we've learned to come together in ever greater numbers-from tribes to cities to nations", he writes. "For the past decade, Facebook has focused on connecting friends and families", Zuckerberg writes in the letter.

In that light, Zuckerberg said he wants the world's largest social network to help people build supportive communities, create communities that provide aid during crises, and find ways to encourage people to become better informed - and vote. 'Our approach will focus less on banning misinformation, and more on surfacing additional perspectives and information, including that fact checkers dispute an item's accuracy, ' he writes.

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He further said that their greatest opportunities are now global and the greatest challenges across the globe also needs global responses such as ending terrorism, fighting climate and preventing pandemics. Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the severe blind spots and shortcomings that his firm's mission-to give users the ability to share and make the world more open and connected-created.

On Thursday, Zuckerberg posted a 6,000-word opus for Facebook Inc., addressing artificial intelligence, online safety, fake news and polarization of society.

Implementing a system like this on a social network with more than 1 billion users will take many years to fully develop, according to Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg also conceded that Facebook can be used for ill.

"We are researching systems that can read text and look at photos and videos to understand if anything unsafe may be happening". In the United States, U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to put "America first" in his inaugural address in January. "Going forward, there are even more cases where our community should be able to identify risks related to mental health, disease or crime", Zuckerberg wrote.

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