BioWare: Why Andromeda Was Made In Favor Of Mass Effect 4

BioWare: Why Andromeda Was Made In Favor Of Mass Effect 4

BioWare: Why Andromeda Was Made In Favor Of Mass Effect 4

Even Co-Optimus was surprised when it was announced that Mass Effect 3 would have an online co-op mode, but now that it has happened we would expect the same of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" is right around the corner (nearly a week away), and with it comes the official return of Loyalty missions. The event takes place at last week's big PAX East event in Boston, Massachusetts. The demo showcases oodles of never-before-seen gameplay with the focus being the Loyalty Mission for Liam Kosta. That 30-minute footage is said to contain a fair amount of dialogue options for the Mass Effect fans and also details about Andromeda's combat gameplay, which include the ability for Mass Effect character to switch class types.

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After arriving in the Andromeda galaxy, the Pathfinder team must locate a new world for humanity and the other races of the Milky Way to call home. They also have access to scanning and analysis tools to scan their environment as they look for new clues. Super Deluxe owners also get a Premium Multiplayer Super Deluxe Booster Pack for 20 weeks (one per week). This new DLC will feature weapons and equipment, as well as bonus content such as developer interviews and an interesting foreword from Bioware lead designer Ian Frazier. But the Pathfinder Edition is limited in quantity, the website added.

After years of waiting, reporting, and hype, BioWare's latest launch trailer reminds us that Mass Effect: Andromeda is really happening and it's dropping quite soon.

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