Changes to Affordable Care Act may effect entrepreneurs

Changes to Affordable Care Act may effect entrepreneurs

Changes to Affordable Care Act may effect entrepreneurs

The push-back from House Republicans was swift and highly anticipated Tuesday in wake of the Congressional Budget Office releasing its report on their plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

"After considering the current healthcare bill in a thorough and deliberate manner, I have concluded that, although the American Health Care Act focuses on several much-needed reforms to our healthcare system, in its current form I can not support this legislation", Fitzpatrick said. The American Healthcare Act removes the part of the Affordable Care Act saying that people in that age bracket who purchase coverage on their own can not be charged more than three times that of a younger person. But if people let their insurance lapse for 63 days, they will have to pay a 30 percent penalty when they buy a new policy.

In contrast, millionaires would save around $50,000 each year in reduced taxes.

Because the Affordable Care Act subsidizes insurance premiums based on your age, income and how expensive health insurance is in your hometown.

In the individual health insurance market nationally, an average of one in three citizens was not covered for substance use services, and nearly one in five were not covered for mental health services. They believe that the ACA has not done enough to lower consumers' health care costs.

In general, if you are younger, healthier, or wealthier-because all of the payment side, if you will-how the ACA was financed, all of those are going to go away and most of those were relatively small taxes on wealthier people.

It seems that proponents of the AHCA are not listening to the message that citizens in MI and nationally are giving policy makers: fix the ACA so that it can provide better quality, more accessible and lower-cost health coverage. Allowing insurance companies to charge older adults an Age Tax 5 times or more than others for health insurance, and reducing tax credits to help pay for it, is quite simply unfair.

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Congress should instead be looking for ways to strengthen the Affordable Care Act.

Most of the 1.74 million Floridians covered by Obamacare exchanges would be unable to afford coverage under the GOP plan. Under the ACA, subsidies are adjusted based on the customer's income and the cost of a plan.

Price acknowledged it will be challenging to come to an arrangement that pleases both sides.

A children's advocacy organization contends the American Health Care Act - the proposed replacement for Obamacare - would be devastating for youngsters in NY who are covered through Medicaid and the state's Children's Health Insurance Program. That's the final dollar amount the feds end up matching.

It would be impossible for the state to continue covering those 4 million Californians. These changes would cost tens of billions per year, a crippling blow. A third provision created a pilot program that provides medical and home care not covered by Medicare. And Texas has more uninsured residents than any other state.

Rural counties like Fresno have the highest rates of Medi-Cal enrollment and would be especially hard hit.

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