Draymond Green criticizes D'Angelo Russell's role in scuffle

Draymond Green criticizes D'Angelo Russell's role in scuffle

Draymond Green criticizes D'Angelo Russell's role in scuffle

Russell added, "It was good to see everybody right there".

If only that were all the Lakers needed to turn some defeats into victories.

Bucks 107, Lakers 103: Middleton's 30 just enough for L.A. sweep (read here): Charles Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports from Staples Center as the Bucks just managed to hang on for a win against the Lakers. But, coming off the bench for a third straight game, Russell looked more aggressive attacking the basket, creating open shots and setting up teammates. Thomas Robinson had two points on his 26th birthday. That doesn't mean he's coming to shoot every time. Now there's times I do start getting on them.

Hoo boy. The rebuilding Lakers now have the worst record in the Western Conference (20-49 after this loss to the Bucks), but their fans have to like the fire - and support of the players - they're seeing out of the team's first-year head coach.

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Monroe has been fined $35,000 for his hit above the shoulders on Young, who was given a $25,000 fine for initiating an altercation with Milwaukee guard Malcolm Brogdon. Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell has been fined $15,000 for entering the altercation and pushing Monroe. "So for the National Basketball Association to say that the two of them did the same thing and just canceled each other out is absolute crap to me because D'Angelo shoved (Monroe) in the back; Monroe grabbed (Young) by the neck".

That gesture was not enough for Warriors forward Draymond Green, who shared with Bay Area reporters on Saturday his displeasure with Russell's reaction.

All three players were ejected from the game. The referees issued double technical fouls on Russell and Monroe, ejecting them both.

So long to the great Lakers-Bucks fued of 2017.

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