Facebook Are Introducing A 'Dislike' Option

Facebook is basically bringing Reactions to Messenger, letting members share their response to a text via an emoji like they would with a News Feed post on the site. While in conversation with your friends, you will soon be able to react to their messages in chat. A user has sent screencaps showing that they might be testing a reactions button in the messaging app, and it includes the much-awaited dislike button. However, there is a whole list of new Reaction buttons, but they will only become visible when users linger over a message in Messenger. It is part of the reaction emojis that can be attached to a message in the chat. Nevertheless, Facebook Messenger is a little more special because of the thumbs down icon.

Facebook says that this new feature will make the application more "fun and engaging".

Facebook users have wanted a "dislike" button for a long time, and it looks like the social media giant has heard its fans. This time, rumors were stoked when it was discovered that the social network is doing a small test of a thumbs down reaction inside of Messenger. The feature, which is now available for Facebook's News Feed, is in the process of being tested by random subscribers. Many brands and advertisers are also strongly against the idea of a "Dislike" button as it could be used to undermine their presence on Facebook.

Facebook confirmed it is testing the feature to TechCrunch.

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The California company has softened its stance over recent years, with Mr Zuckerberg revealing in 2015 that they were working on a thumbs-down sticker for the Messenger app.

First, there are couple of important things to note about Facebook's new Dislike button - it's not the dislike button of which you're probably thinking. The report further said that messenger will also have reaction buttons.

The company told the publication on Saturday that it sees the button as more of a "no" button and it is seeing if the dislike button could be helpful for logistics and voting.

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