'Hangouts Meet' Video Conferencing, 'Hangouts Chat' Messaging Services Launched

'Hangouts Meet' Video Conferencing, 'Hangouts Chat' Messaging Services Launched

'Hangouts Meet' Video Conferencing, 'Hangouts Chat' Messaging Services Launched

On Thursday, March 9, Google split the app into two: a video chat service called Hangouts Meet and a team messaging service called Hangouts Chat.

San Francisco: Alphabet's Google today announced the acquisition of Canadian technology firm AppBridge that helps companies transfer data to the technology giant's Cloud platform.

Hangouts Chat is a direct challenger to Slack and the new Microsoft Teams, as well as Amazon's recently announced Chime - intensifying the competition in this already hotly contested corner of the technology market.

Apart from native integrations, Hangouts Chat also supports lightweight scripting with the Google Apps script, as well as bots from the likes of Asana, Box, Zendesk, and more. Meanwhile, Hangouts Meet is available right now, and rolling out to G Suite customers over the next few weeks. Dedicated, virtual rooms create a home for each project, with threaded conversations. People can click on this link from Google Calendar, an email invite, or an ad-hoc share.

All of this is part of the company's push to make its G Suite productivity suite more appealing to businesses large and small. What do you think of Google dividing Hangouts into two distinct apps?

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Hangouts Chat isn't quite ready for stardom just yet and is available for now only through Google's Early Adopter Program.

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Google has built, launched, and forgotten about so many chat platforms over the years that it's getting hard to keep track of them all.

The core features of Hangouts Chat play on Google's strengths.

Google said it is doubling down on its enterprise focus for Hangouts and its commitment to building communication tools for business teams.

Some of the new features in Hangouts Meet include a 30-person maximum on each meeting, as well as the ability to record. With Microsoft Teams now in advanced beta, it seems that Google wants to get its oar in first. While enterprise customers will automatically get a dial-in number.

Google is also allowing third-party applications to integrate with the Chat app. One can also schedule meetings to be held later.

Just a week ago, we reported how Google is re-positioning the Hangouts app for enterprise users with the launch of Meet service. And they want to respond quickly to conversations that are going on within their team.

It's clear that Chat and Meet are focused on executives only.

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