How Fighting Negan Makes Rick A Better Leader In 'The Walking Dead'

How Fighting Negan Makes Rick A Better Leader In 'The Walking Dead'

How Fighting Negan Makes Rick A Better Leader In 'The Walking Dead'

And hey, sad as it is, an interracial couple on TV is still a nice change of pace, especially on a series that's had certain problems in the past.

So. In addition to Martin-Green's interstellar gig, there's already a related theory going around that Sasha will inherit the storyline of comics character Holly, who (comics spoilers) fell in love with Abraham and became hell-bent on avenging him after his death-leading her attack Negan, ultimately get captured, and return to the group as a walker. I dunno. Something else happens. Meanwhile, Rosita tries her own luck with a scavenging mission for guns, but comes up empty - only finding a toy gun at the entrance of a house.

As for Rosita, Christian is pregnant with her first child, as confirmed. Rick and Michonne finally hit the right note with their on-screen chemistry but an entire episode should not have been sacrificed for it to happen.

We'll have to wait to see where that leads.

Rick and Michonne have been great protagonists for years. Perhaps neck-deep would be more appropriate, given that this past week's issue ended with Andrea, still alive in the comics and thriving as Rick's girlfriend and second-in-command, sustaining an apparent zombie bite or scratch to the neck - an irreversible death sentence, assuming the wound does indeed come from a walker. Last week was low stakes too (unless you were heavily invested in Eugene's soul), but no one ends up on the Dark Side this time around.

Rosita also gets more time in the sun.

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And hey, I'm here for that.

AMC has also provided an exclusive sneak peek at episode 12 featuring Rick and Michonne out on the hunt for guns, so they can be armed and unsafe for their upcoming war with Negan and the Saviors. "I can't lose you", Michonne tells him. As Michonne says, it feels like a sign. Living in a world of guilt over the lives that Negan's taken on what she believes was her watch, she's laser-focused on some form of redemption, even performing what could be read as a confession to Father Gabriel. Michonne worries that they need to get back before the deadline that Jadis imposed, but Rick is unconcerned.

For awhile there, The Walking Dead was introducing so many new characters that it was hard to keep them straight - not to mention the fact those new faces meant less time for some of our favorite OG ones. Michonne sees Rick get overwhelmed by walkers, but by the time she gets to his position, she sees the walkers chowing down on something and assumes it is Rick. If she leads with him, fine; but Rick doesn't want to go solo anymore.

Tara is conflicted with the thought of so, but then decides to go back on her word with Oceanside, assuming she tells Rick about them, which we are left to wonder because the show ends there. He and Michonne had previously discussed how he "owes" her a deer to replace the one he turned over to the Saviors.

Back to choices, because they play a big part in why Say Yes is a good episode. It's an episode that doesn't get bogged down by cheesy romance.

Back in Alexandria, Tara struggles with the idea of breaking her promise with Cindy from Oceanside, who saved her life in exchange for silence on the whereabouts of their community. It could be interesting to see both Sasha and Rosita on their suicide mission but it is still annoying that these two characters are still defined by men. Happiness never seems to last long for our group of survivors, so an episode focused nearly exclusively on playing up the Richonne relationship definitely seems to foreshadow dark times to come.

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