How The Vampire Diaries Was Originally Supposed to End

How The Vampire Diaries Was Originally Supposed to End

How The Vampire Diaries Was Originally Supposed to End

Elena and Damon live happily until death.

Wesley, had an unusual experience in a scene when he was with Stefan Salvatore. Comes that familiar, evil laughter. Eventually, especially in the show's final season, it deepened the idea to encompass the brothers' quest for redemption, and that's where things got a bit trickier. Bonnie ended the series by saving Mystic Falls and her friends one last time (by regaining her magic, uh, somehow, that whole thing was unclear) and calling upon her ancestors in a powerful scene, then made a decision to travel and embrace her life and be happy without Enzo.

In the days that followed, Bonnie fully embraced her witchy-ness and miraculously cracked the spell over Elena, unlinking their destinies. It's a gut-wrenching, painful goodbye.

For fans of the older Salvatore brother, fans were happy.

After Bonnie "did it" - twice - by saving the town from Hellfire obliteration and breaking Kai's spell on Elena, she decided she needed a vacation.

"You are human", Damon agrees - but taking a page from Katherine's playbook, it's merely a fake-out. I love you more than my parents. "I'm sorry I was't better at it until now".

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But Caroline is still in the dark as to how the whole Hail Mary plan should shake out: The hellfire is gone, but that means nothing if Katherine is still alive. As is revealed in the finale, it was actually Katherine controlling Cade all along, making the whole story have an emotional tether to reality. From the first audition, to the screen tests, to the fang fittings, to the time you made me a vampire, killed me (multiple times), brought me back to life (multiple times), put me into a coma and then brought me back one final time'.

Speaking of which - what are the rules on Bonnie and Enzo? In the end, we're shown a note from Klaus (Joseph Morgan) accompanying his generous three million dollar donation to Caroline's school for gifted children, and it's filled with the same kind of gentlemanly repose that made him an attractive match for her in the first place. Hmm, wonder where that's headed? In the case of The Vampire Diaries, one of the things the show was truly best at was nurturing and building up all of its relationships. That's how the story began, and that's how it had to end.

Elena reunites with the Gilberts and Damon meets his beloved brother. But the afterlife is there, and always will be - there will come a day, and we see it in the end, that Elena is reunited with her family, just like there will be a day when Damon reunites with Stefan.

His last words: "Burn in Hell" to Ms. It's amusing, but feels very right, that in the end the romantic triangles and boondoggles didn't really matter at all. We had one, who do we want to see again? Instead of trying to fit things into a box, it is best to really develop a feel for how the character dynamics work, even with the most weird pairings.

Plec continues, "Then of course we created the Other Side and then Elena became a vampire and then Nina left the show". For a show that deals in eternities, immortalities, forever-deaths and pretend-hells, that could never be the key.

Stop reading now and come back later if you have not watched the series finale of The Vampire Diaries. And for that, we're very grateful.

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