Irish abuse survivor resigns from Vatican panel

Irish abuse survivor resigns from Vatican panel

Irish abuse survivor resigns from Vatican panel

Winter-Green echoed Collins' frustration with the reluctance of Vatican offices to work with the abuse commission.

Irish sexual abuse victim Marie Collins has quit the commission which advises Pope Francis on how to tackle the clerical sexual abuse of children, over a "shameful" lack of cooperation from Vatican administrators.

'In particular I was struck by the fact that the commission's recommendation to create a tribunal to try the negligent bishops, approved by the Pope and announced in June 2015, did not have any follow-up, ' she said.

"Since the beginning of the Commission in March 2014 I have been impressed with the dedication of my colleagues and the genuine wish by Pope Francis for assistance in dealing with the issue of clerical sexual abuse", she said.

She added, "I have come to the point where I can no longer be sustained by hope".

"(So) I can understand that she is frustrated about that", he said, and pointed to different perspectives various cultures take on the issue throughout the world.

But others in the Vatican resisted the commission's work, Collins says, leading to "constant setbacks". "There are other stumbling blocks that have been put in the way of the commission and it has been extremely stressful", she said. Collins wrote in her piece for the NCR.

After Collins' resignation, the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors has 16 members, none of whom are abuse survivors.

Describing their attitude as "unacceptable", she hit out at the reluctance of some in the Curia to implement recommendations or cooperate with the work of a commission whose objective is to improve the safety of children and vulnerable adults.

Mrs. Collins, a Member of the Pontifical Commission since its inception in 2014 is a survivor of clerical abuse, and consistently and tirelessly championed for the voices of the victims/survivors to be heard, and for the healing of victims/survivors to be a priority of the Church.

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"With the members of the Commission I am deeply grateful for Marie's willingness to continue to work with us in the education of church leaders, including the upcoming programs for new bishops and for the dicasteries of the Holy See", said O'Malley. Collins was one of two survivors-along with British campaigner Peter Saunders-on the commission.

"Maybe they're resisting the commission, or not cooperating with the commission, just as another way of resisting the Pope himself".

According to the Guardian, Collins-who was sexually abused by a priest when she was 13-says it's hard to believe the Vatican truly cares about victims when it can't even bother to reply to their letters.

Survivors' groups and other critics have been skeptical from the outset of the commission's ability to effect change because it is an advisory panel with no authority to make rules.

Irish abuse victim Marie Collins talks during a news conference in downtown Rome February 7, 2012.

In recent weeks, Collins had expressed dismay that the congregation's recommended penalties were being weakened and said abusers are never so sick that they don't know what they're doing.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, who heads the commission, thanked her for her work and said the commission would look at her concerns at a meeting next month.

Collins didn't immediately respond to a phone request for comment.

"Vatican politics is a very unpleasant area to get into and I don't want to get into it".

"I would strongly encourage survivor participation", she said.

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