Kim Jong Nam's identity confirmed by using child's DNA, official confirms

He did not say when and where the DNA sample was taken.

The announcement was made two days after reports emerged that Malaysia used fingerprint data of Jong Nam that they received from Japan to identify his body after he was poisoned with nerve agent VX in Kuala Lumpur on February 13.

"What we are facing now is the result of their action in assassinating their own citizen in Malaysia, on Malaysian soil, using a strictly banned chemical weapon", Najib told state media last Wednesday.

VX is a fast-acting toxin that causes respiratory collapse and heart failure. He criticized the interim outcomes of a probe by the Malaysian police the previous day, which strongly hinted at the North's involvement in the killing.

South Korean intelligence officers say Kim Jong Un had issued standing orders for the elimination of his elder half-brother.

GENEVA North Korea boycotted a United Nations review of its human rights record on Monday, shunning calls to hold to account the Pyongyang leadership for crimes against humanity documented by the world body.

Although Malaysia has not directly accused North Korea of being behind Mr Kim's death, there is increasing speculation that Pyongyang orchestrated it. North Korea has fiercely denied that accusation.

Investigators say the VX nerve agent used to kill him was nearly certainly produced in a sophisticated state laboratory and North Korea is believed to possess large quantities of chemical weapons.

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The murder has sparked a diplomatic meltdown between two countries with once strong ties.

On negotiations with North Korea on the release of the nine Malaysians, Dr Ahmad Zahid said formal talks at the secretary-general level had begun since Monday. About 315 North Koreans are in Malaysia.

Two-thirds of the 39 countries that North Koreans can travel to without a visa are in Asia and Africa, including Cambodia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda.

A leading regional security expert told the AFP news agency last month that it would not have been hard to get VX into Malaysia in a diplomatic pouch, which would not be subject to regular customs checks.

He was carrying a passport bearing the name Kim Chol.

Video footage of a man claiming to be the son of Kim Jong Nam appeared last week, in which he said he was lying low with his mother and sister.

The workers were employed in mines and construction sites in the state. "But they (North Korea) have to ask themselves if they have listened to previous demands by worldwide bodies", the minister said.

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