LG to reveal new VR headset this week at GDC

LG to reveal new VR headset this week at GDC

LG to reveal new VR headset this week at GDC

LG and Valve are now asking developers to visit Valve's GDC booth and provide them with feedback on their prototype.

There's no information yet on features, pricing, technology or even when we might get further glimpses of this LG headset, but new technology furthering the medium could be of real interest to those now developing in virtual reality. Built using SteamVR tracking technology and using the OpenVR platform, the headset will likely compete directly with the Vive and Rift headsets.

LG will be one of the first companies to offer a high-end alternative to Oculus and HTC/Valve's virtual reality headsets.

That includes using SteamVR Tracking-Valve's royalty-free and increasingly open VR tracking technology-Valve has confirmed to Road to VR. That means it could implement all sorts of forward-thinking technologies, like inside-out tracking, foveated rendering, and improved resolution and field of view, a little like Qualcomm's upcoming mobile VR headset.

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Valve Corporation first confirmed the partnership with LG with RoadToVR earlier today.

Valve announced that LG is developing a VR head mounted display, and a prototype of the headset will be demoed at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco this week.

Information pertaining to the device's pricing, launch date and territories, will be available soon as affirmed by Valve.

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