Lotus Elise Sprint sheds 90 pounds 03/17/17

Lotus Elise Sprint sheds 90 pounds 03/17/17

Lotus Elise Sprint sheds 90 pounds 03/17/17

Before this becomes too cynical though, a lighter Elise is surely a better Elise: "Less mass means more Lotus", apparently.

The Lotus Elise was never a particularly fat auto, but the British marque has stuck it on a treadmill anyway, resulting in a lighter and more lean Sprint edition. The result is a saving of 41kg, giving the Elise Sprint a dry weight of 798kg ─ almost half that of a Ford Focus RS.

Lotus has unveiled a new variant of their lightweight sports auto Elise, the Sprint. That's £5000 more than the standard "Sport" models in each case.

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Opt for the new Sprint edition, available with either a 1.6-litre (134hp) naturally aspirated or 1.8-litre supercharged (217hp) engine sitting in its centre, and keen drivers will get a auto that tips the scales at less than 800kg.

In the cockpit, the gearstick is now housed in an open-gate mesh. The centre console has also been lifted in from the Exige as well as a new infotainment system with iPod connectivity and Bluetooth. Not a lot, admittedly, but it could make life that little bit less awkward. The entire Elise range got some styling upgrades for 2017 both inside and out, which sheds 22 lbs. thanks to a redesigned front clamshell with wider radiator apertures, and mesh pattern grille that's 19.2 lbs. lighter. "Enhanced by less weight, the Elise now provides even more driving purity, greater agility and higher all-round performance". It will be 23kg lighter than its predecessor and has access to a Carbon Aero pack for saving up to 40kg. The Elise Sprint base starts at £37,300 while the Sprint 220 with the larger engine starts at £44,300. Somehow, the new Elise Sprint barely tips the scales at a skinny 1,759 pounds, down 90 pounds from the regular Elise.

The new Sprint (in supercharged guise) will sit just below the ultimate top model - the extra lean Elise Cup 250, in the new five-model range when the cars go into hand-built production in April.

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