Lyft Driver Gets Beatdown From Group Of Dirt Bikers, Cops Say

Lyft Driver Gets Beatdown From Group Of Dirt Bikers, Cops Say

Lyft Driver Gets Beatdown From Group Of Dirt Bikers, Cops Say

"They exchanged some words with this driver, they started striking this driver's vehicle with both their motorcycles and their fists, the driver got out to confront the motorcyclists, got into a fight and then he was beat up", said Vu Williams with California Highway Patrol. "I didn't want to cause any problems".

His girlfriend, Cecelia Dunn, told the Modesto Bee: 'They picked an innocent person'. "Here he is trying to make a living and he's barely scraping by".

Quintana, pictured with his girlfriend, Cecelia Dunn, lives in Modesto but frequently makes teh 90-mile trip into San Francisco for work.

A black auto drove in front of the driver of a white Toyota, stopping him as the horde of bikers swarmed his vehicle, The Chronicle reported. One of the bikers ran over his left leg, which broke it in three places and marked the end of the minutes-long assault.

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A man who was brutally attacked on a busy San Francisco highway on Wednesday has been identified as an Uber driver.

Video footage that witnesses filmed shows targeted auto appearing to bump one of the bikers while they were weaving through lanes. The woman a told SFGate that her brother has a baby boy. One witness describes seeing the bikers "physically hitting" the vehicle and breaking the side mirrors, as though "provoking the driver to come out".

After the motorist pulled to the side of the freeway, the bikers surrounded his auto and struck it with their dirt bikes and their fists, California Highway Patrol Officer Vu Williams told the station.

Witnesses rushed to Quintana's aid following the attack and he was later taken to the hospital. Quintana said police told him they know the name of the gang. Representatives for the San Francisco-based startup couldn't immediately confirm the victim was an Uber driver.

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