Macedonia president refuses to give opposition mandate

Macedonia president refuses to give opposition mandate

Macedonia president refuses to give opposition mandate

"After the first failed attempt to form a government, the president of Macedonia should proceed according to the country's Constitution and in line with democratic practices, and give the mandate to the party that can pull Macedonia out of its political crisis", he also said.

Social Democrat leader Zoran Zaev formed the coalition after agreeing to support a bill making Albanian the country's second official language.

Ivanov justified his decision to withhold the mandate from Zaev, saying that "negotiations on Zaev's part" involved "a platform of a foreign country" - a reference to the Albanian-language demands of Zaev's would-be junior coalition partners.

Ivanov said today he was "surprised by the Albanian parties' platform that goes against Macedonia's independence and sovereignty". Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski won that vote, but did not secure a majority of the 120-member parliament, leaving him unable to form a government.

The crisis is the worst since Western diplomacy helped drag the country of 2.1 million people back from the brink of civil war during an ethnic Albanian insurgency in 2001, promising it a path to membership of the European Union and of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

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Commenting on Ivanov's move, an official from the Albanian Democratic Union of Integration (DUI), the single largest ethnic Albanian party with 10 parliamentary seats, said: "It's a chaos".

Following December's vote, leaders of ethnic Albanian parties traveled to Tirana in Albania and agreed to a joint platform for negotiating with a coalition including demanding wider use of Albanian language.

The second biggest ethnic Albanian party, Bes, which has five seats, said it would hold an urgent meeting on Wednesday evening.

The results between the governing VMRO-DPMNE party and the Social Democrats (SDSM) were so close that both parties initially claimed victory.

Gruevski has said the deal Zaev made with ethnic Albanian parties is a threat to Macedonia and called on his supporters to launch protests to block Zaev from forming a government.

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