Microsoft's Creators update gives users more control over privacy

Microsoft's Creators update gives users more control over privacy

Microsoft's Creators update gives users more control over privacy

"As always, we believe in the value of keeping devices 'up to date, ' and recommend that you choose the installation defaults that Windows 10 provides so you will always have the latest features, apps, and security updates", Microsoft said.

Users will be allowed to reschedule if the time originally decided upon turns out to also not be opportune. This will be particularly useful if you're like us and spend all day on your PC. These will allow you to proceed to the Creators Update immediately, schedule it for later or snooze the message, pausing the process for three days. A new screen with more granular controls around location, speech recognition, diagnostics, tips and recommendations and relevant ads would replace the existing "Express Settings" in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Build 15046 is available to download to Windows Insiders from today, bringing a number of new upgrades and additions to your PC.

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Win32, also known as the Windows API, is the core technology that used to power the entire app ecosystem in older Windows versions, up until Windows 10, when Microsoft introduced its replacement, the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Microsoft is also widening the "Active Hours" windows, allowing you to put off regular update times further.

According to ZDNet blogger Ed Bott, the new restart options will be baked into all editions of Windows 10, including the least expensive, tagged as simply "Windows 10", that target consumers. Now the company is changing it for a much better dialog that pops up on the middle of your desktop when you click the sharing icon throughout the Creators Update for Windows 10. While EU regulators revealed last month that they're still concerned over Windows 10 privacy settings, Microsoft is pushing ahead with some changes to simplify privacy settings. Microsoft hasn't publicly responded to European Union regulators, but this new privacy panel will be tested with Windows Insiders before it's rolled out as part of the Creators Update.

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