More Flu Deaths Reported in NC Last Week

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention said the flu was widespread in the state.

Since Sept. 21, 2016, more around 1664 people tested positive for the flu; of those, 48 have died.

During that timeframe, 116 people tested positive for influenza during hospitalization. Health officials say it's still not too late to get vaccinated. Flu activity is especially severe now in the South, some Midwestern areas and in the East, particularly Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and CT. On average, flu season has typically lasted 13 weeks for the past 15 seasons, though it can last for as many as 20 weeks. The flu vaccine is still available at retail outlets and through the "Vaccinations for Health" program with the El Paso Fire Department and El Paso Health Department.

Kathy Wakefield, director of nursing for the Ross County Health District, stresses that parents need to be smart about keeping children showing signs of flu-like illness home from school rather than run the risk of spreading it to other kids.

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64 percent of the adult deaths have involved people 65 years old and older. It's still unknown if she had received her flu vaccine this year.

As of Wednesday, there have been 125 hospitalizations due to flu.

But Chief Medical officer Paddy Phillips says the spike does not necessarily mean this year's flu season will be a cause for concern.

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