Project Scorpio May Be Revealed Sooner Than Expected

Microsoft finally confirmed that an Xbox One VR headset is coming. The Taiwanese Microsoft hardware partner, best known for its notebooks and other devices, will contribute the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition headset. The new mode, which is part of the Creators Update, is supposed to help some games run modestly faster - and as we suspected, it's all about tuning system resources to dedicate more game-specific work to the CPU or GPU. Gesture tracking, another key pillar of the HoloLens experience, is also missing from the Acer HMD. All of the headsets, including the Acer, are supposed to be a plug-and-play experience meaning there will be no need to purchase or install external trackers or sensors in the wall.

The "phased rollout" of these dev kits, starting with those who received a "golden ticket" for attending the Windows Mixed Reality session at GDC, will begin later this month. That's why Microsoft is calling them mixed reality headsets. In the meantime, this program will definitely help curious developers in getting their hands dirty with both Xbox and Windows 10 game development.

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It features two LCDs, audio and microphone support through a 3.5mm jack, and a single cable with USB 3.0 and HDMI ports.

Unlike Virtual Reality, where you can only see what is being displayed on the VR headset, and nothing from the outside world, Mixed Reality headsets allow you to view virtual content along with the existing real-life elements near you. The development kits are now ready and will start shipping from this month. Further, the company has announced that mixed reality experiences will be making their way to other platforms including Xbox One and Project Scorpio in 2018. The mixed reality technology of Microsoft basically combines the features of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The company will probably offer some more information regarding the Mixed Reality for Windows at the Build conference to be held in the middle of May this year. Firstly, Project Scorpio is shaping up to launch in the holiday 2017 period, so it sounds like mixed reality support won't be included out of the box, instead arriving next year.

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