Rachel Dolezal Has Legally Changed Her Name To A West African Moniker

If we had any questions as to whether or not Ms. Dolezal was backing down from her claims of being a black person trapped in a white woman's body these have apparently been put to rest.

Court records posted online by Spokane County, in Washington state, indicated that Dolezal petitioned to change her name to Diallo, which has African roots, and that a judge granted the request last October 7.

Her new name has origins in Africa and, according to the Washington Post, is a West African moniker meaning "gift of God".

Black history's number one fan Rachel Dolezal has reportedly gone one step further in her love for African heritage by changing her name.

But that explanation didn't go over well.

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"I do think a more complex label would be helpful, but we don't really have that vocabulary", she said. Shortly after the name change, someone started a petition on change.org under Dolezal's new name to have TED Talk post the TEDxtalk with Rachel Dolezal on their website. She stole her new name from the culture of Nigeria's Igbo and Fula people.

But however many problems her racial identity and "unique perspective" have brought into her life, Dolezal is adamant that she is right in her claim to blackness. "We want to watch this speech!"

"TEDx organizers host events independent of TED, and they have the freedom to invite speakers they feel are relevant to their communities", the TED blog read.

"I feel that I was born with the essential essence of who I am, whether it matches my anatomy and complexion or not".

"The times that I tried to explain more, I wasn't understood more. And when I could no longer do things for people I was thrown away". "I would just be going back to when I was little, and had to be what everybody else told me I should be - to make them happy". LMAOOOO! Rachel was big mad that she wasn't teaching the intercultural class.

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