Royal Jordanian Airlines Says It's Banning Electronics From US-Bound Flights

American officials declined to comment publicly on the matter, but anonymous sources confirmed to NBC News that plans were in place to limit the use of electronics on certain flights.

Airlines that fly from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa to the USA must require passengers to check in nearly all electronic devices rather than carry them into the cabin, said a US official.

Royal Jordanian published a statement on the matter on its official Twitter account, but then deleted the tweet a short while later. The devices, however, are allowed in checked baggage. Medical devices and cellphones were exempted. It is not clear whether airline staff are also covered by these new restrictions.

In a statement released Monday, the airline cited "instructions from concerned USA departments" as the reason it wouldn't allow passengers to carry electronics on their person during flights to and from the United States. TSA officials referred all questions to the Department of Homeland Security, which said in an email that it would have no comment on the reports.

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Additionally, the Transportation Safety Administration would not clarify what the fuck is going on, telling Gizmodo and several other outlets that it has "no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide any update as appropriate".

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly informed members of Congress about the upcoming security changes, according to The Associated Press. Given the energy capacity in a much larger laptop or tablet battery, it would be theoretically possible to turn into an explosive device. It is unclear which airlines are affected. BuzzFeed News has reached out to other Middle Eastern and African airlines, and will update this article as responses come in.

"This story is very much still developing", air travel expert Ben Schlappig, who runs the One Mile at a Time travel blog, wrote.

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