Senate Expected To Take Up House Obamacare Repeal Plan

The Capitol is suddenly awash with troublemakers and rebels - and that's just the Republicans. Rand Paul now says the same Republicans are trying to double down on their efforts in secret. Trump's speech to a joint session of Congress this week was well-received, but did little to fix divisions. This controversial measure could ultimately drive even more people to the individual market, said Representative Mark Meadows, who heads the conservative Freedom Caucus.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is planning a markup on the draft legislation next week, possibly on March 8. Paul also called an impromptu press conference Thursday were reporters described him lobbing complaints, very publicly, about a lack of transparency among some in his party.

A Politico report Friday said a revised version of the GOP's draft bill, dated February 24, retains the refundable tax credits but would tighten up the verification process for employed people, who must prove they don't have access to adequate insurance through their jobs. "It will end up being Ryancare and the disaster will be wrapped around Republican's necks", Debbie Meadows wrote. Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky. "I haven't gotten anything in writing from anyone, so we're here asking for a written copy of this because this should be an open and transparent process", said Paul. This is like a game of Clue, only it's democracy being murdered with a monkey wrench by Mitch McConnell and the billiard room. Massie said a recent presentation by GOP leaders aimed at convincing lawmakers that they were aligned with President Donald Trump on a pending health care bill was a failure.

We now know the reason why Republicans tried to keep their Obamacare replacement bill a secret.

The lawmakers are criticizing the developing legislation as "Obamacare lite".

Indeed, says Politico, leadership figures believe Trump will take rebellious conservatives to the woodshed if they don't fall into line. Instead, they're demanding a vote on a straightforward repeal-only bill.

Others are downplaying GOP differences.

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"I think it's pretty obvious that the Republicans don't want to give us the bill", Pallone said.

Maybe so, but first there will be some drama. Except now House Republicans won't even share a potential plan with their own membership or Democrats, The Hill reported Thursday.

The Kentucky senator's chaotic gaggle was followed by a freaky and apparently spontaneous scavenger hunt by House Democrats who made a futile search. In their place, the bill would establish a new tax on employees for the value of generous employer health benefits. It is being kept in a secret location and nobody can seem to find it or read it, which sounds exactly like how the legislative process is supposed to work. "Has anyone seen the bill?"

Paul's actions garnered responses from GOP colleagues like Senator Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., who chairs the health committee Paul sits on. "I have a replacement bill". Mike Lee, R-Utah, tweeted Monday night.

"We do have some problems with two or three people on our side that make it so if this becomes a partisan vote we won't have the votes", said Sen.

The latest survey found those who disapproved of the law were more heavily in favour of making amendments to the existing policy rather than repealing it entirely.

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