Spotify Moves On Hi-Res Streaming

In addition, Spotify Hi-Fi could offer one free vinyl record and other discounts on limited-edition vinyls. The charge for a normal Spotify subscription is between five and ten dollars a month.

According to a thread on Reddit, multiple users were offered upgrades to Hi-Fi at varying price points: $5, $7.50, and $10. When trying to sign up, however, some report that the service wasn't available in their area or that they instead received an error message.

While the growing user numbers are impressive, it should be noted that Spotify has yet to turn a profit, having lost almost $200 million on $2.2 billion in revenue in 2015, the most recent public figures available. With Apple choosing the Lightning connector over the headphone jack and Android manufacturers switching to USB-C at a rapid pace, there are now millions of smartphone owners who can experience lossless audio wherever they are. Lossless audio streaming will of course require more data, and not everyone has a sterling internet connection.

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Hi-Fi tracks, or lossless audio, are audio files that do not lose any data in compression, which results in higher-quality playback. This seems to be so-called A/B testing to discover how much extra users would be willing to pay for improved sound quality. Think of it as the music quality that artists, studio engineers, and music producers intended for users to hear. While users have been excited by the new offering, it doesn't appear to be functional yet.

"We are constantly testing new products and offers but have not yet announced anything", the company says. For more information please visit Tech Times.

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