Syrian children suffered the worst war-related violations in 2016

Syrian children suffered the worst war-related violations in 2016

Syrian children suffered the worst war-related violations in 2016

The report said the 652 killed from conflict-related causes past year represent a 20 percent increase over 2015.

"Each and every child is scarred for life with horrific consequences on their health, well-being and future", said Cappelaere. A lack of medical assistance and doctors has lead to more children dying from easily treatable illnesses or injuries.

The United Nations says 2016 was the worst year yet for children affected by Syria's six-year-long civil war, with at least 652 being killed and many millions more suffering as refugees.

Unicef also believes more than 850 children were recruited to fight.

Institutions, such as schools, playgrounds, hospitals, and public parks, are also in critical conditions, making it more hard and often impossible for children to get medical treatment and education, UNICEF wrote.

The suffering of children in war-torn Syria "hit rock bottom" in 2016 with the highest number of grave violations against them since verification began in 2014, underscored the United Nations children's agency urging all parties to the conflict, those who have influence over them, and anyone who cared about children to find an immediate political solution to end the conflict.

There are 2.8 million children in hard-to-reach areas, "including 280,000 children living under siege, nearly completely cut off from humanitarian aid", UNICEF reported.

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After six years of war, almost six million children now depend on humanitarian assistance, a 12-fold increase from 2012, the charity said. Children work in more than 75 percent of households in Syria, and in more than half of these cases, the household is relying on them for either part or all of the family income.

"We join the rest of the global humanitarian community on this milestone of shame to voice outrage at the plight of millions of civilians living in a downward spiral of despair".

"The risk of a broken generation, lost to trauma and extreme stress, has never been greater".

"Some of my friends died", Bana wrote in her letter to Trump. "I dream of a world without any wars".

Syrian children play during a sandstorm in the Syrian city of Aleppo on March 10.

"Right now in Turkey I can go out and enjoy. That is why peace is important for everyone, including you".

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