Trump 2005 Tax Return Ratings Boon For MSNBC's Rachel Maddow

The White House in a Tuesday night statement called the tax story a sign that Maddow was "desperate for ratings".

Some Trump supporters noted that the taxes were a credit to Trump's reputation, as it was speculated prior to the revelation that he wouldn't release taxes because he paid very little.

The MSNBC host was slammed for a 20-minute opening monologue, "and then only producing two pages of a 2005 federal tax return when she did reveal the documents, which the Trump administration said were accurate even before the show aired".

Until Trump does release them, we think reports on bits and pieces of his tax returns don't really serve much of a useful objective.

Trump turned from the tax debacle in a subsequent Wednesday tweet, also taking aim at rapper Snoop Dogg - who took literal aim at an actor dressed up as Trump in a new music video, pretending to shoot the man. The White House described it as a "large-scale depreciation for construction".

Trump reported $153 million in income that year, and paid a tax rate of around 25 percent.

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The AMT was originally created to prevent rich taxpayers from using excessive loopholes, and Trump has previously called for its elimination.

Journalists were eager to follow in the wake of Rachel Maddow tax fiasco.

"Donald has a long history of leaking material about himself when he thinks it's in his interests".

BREAKING: We've got Trump tax returns. I want to know if there's more where that came from. "If that's really what he wants the story to be, he can release all of his taxes and we can all glory in his vast wealth".

And a recent Langer Research poll showed that nearly three-quarters of Americans believe Trump should release his tax returns. To her credit, she also put the crucial subject of Trump's finances squarely back in the national conversation.

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