U.S. attorney for NY's northern district to stay on until June

U.S. attorney for NY's northern district to stay on until June

U.S. attorney for NY's northern district to stay on until June

Insisting that the federal government should return to a Nancy Reagan-style, 1980s anti-drug campaign - "educating people and telling them the bad truth" about controlled substances - Sessions conflated the nation's opioid addiction and overdose crisis, which now claims 140 lives a day, with marijuana, a drug he said will "destroy your life".

Other topics Sessions discussed during his speech included introducing a Justice Department task force on crime reduction and public safety, and stepping up prosecution for gun crimes and drug users.

Hartunian, 55, has been a federal prosecutor since 1997. "Now for the federal government to say we're doing things wrong, or we're going to come in and take this regulation away from you without having first looked to see what we're doing is precipitous".

The replacing of USA attorneys, who represent the federal government in court and who handle criminal prosecutions of federal law, is not unusual at the start of a new administration. The Justice Department asked this week for more time to turn over to the House Intelligence Committee any information that might back up the allegation that former president Obama spied on Trump during the campaign.

The request for resignations from the 46 prosecutors who were holdovers from the Obama administration wasn't shocking.

For example, African-Americans, who make up roughly 13% of the USA population, were 31.7% of drug arrestees in 2011 show. Also, John Horn, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, entered that position upon an appointment by Chief U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Thrash Jr.in December 2015. Tarver had served in that office since December of 2009.

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Preet Bharara, a NY U.S. attorney, initially balked at the request and later announced that he had been fired.

John Walsh, the former US attorney for the District of Colorado, told the AP, "All of these USA attorneys know they serve at the pleasure of the president".

Sessions spoke to police and federal officials Wednesday in Richmond. The attorney general is aware of this fact, but defiant to the truth.

Whenever there's a change in presidential administration, he said, "I think it would be unwise not to be ready".

The attorney general ignored such research, however.

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