Violent Mt Etna eruption injures BBC crew (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Violent Mt Etna eruption injures BBC crew (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Violent Mt Etna eruption injures BBC crew (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The BBC reporter said a volcanologist there told her it was the most risky incident he had experienced in his 30-year-career studying Mount Etna.

The last aggressive eruption was in 1928, which destroyed the town of Mascali. Morelle later showed the camerawoman's jacket on the air with a big hole in the back where the material had melted in the explosion.

Andrea Kiss, a tourist who filmed footage of lava moving down the side of the volcano around half an hour before the eruption, told CNN that she knew something had happened when "injured people appeared at the cable vehicle station".

Mount Etna has been putting on an impressive show for days, spewing lava and steam. It was the steam and flying debris that posed the danger on Mount Etna. Present at the time of the explosion were members of a BBC news crew who caught the event on video. Umberto Marino was headed up the slope on a snowcat when the injured people started running toward him, according to the Associated Press.

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The network's science reporter, Rebecca Morelle, was on assignment on Etna and described the experience in a series of tweets. Red hot lava can be seen flowing from Mount Etna while the surrounding snow had been edited to a blue colour to distinguish from the clouds.

Price fared better than one elderly woman nearby, however, with Morelle saying the 78-year-old had been "pelted with rocks and boiling steam", and that a guide's shoulder had been dislocated.

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