White House Press Release Copies Paragraph from ExxonMobil Release

White House Press Release Copies Paragraph from ExxonMobil Release

White House Press Release Copies Paragraph from ExxonMobil Release

When the analysts inquired whether Trump is taking credit for an investment program that began under former President Barack Obama in 2013, the White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that Exxon made it clear to the president it was investing more in the United States because of his push for fewer regulations and tax relief. In late December, Trump said Sprint Corp (S) and OneWeb, a satellite company, would create 8,000 U.S.jobs.

Exxon Mobil will spend Dollars 20 billion and create 45,000 jobs over the next decade as it builds a "manufacturing powerhouse" along the Gulf Coast, a move welcomed by USA president Donald Trump. The appointment of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to secretary of state raised red flags, but an effusive statement from the White House about the oil company's new business endeavor is, to critics, only highlighting those connections.

Yet there was another, rather more positive news development courtesy of oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil, which has pledged to spend a whopping $20billion on oil projects along the Gulf Coast.

Tuesday's spin isn't the first time Trump has taken credit for new job pledges by U.S. firms after he won the White House on a promise to bring back numerous jobs that were offshored as the country deindustrialized over the past three decades. Further, numerous products that will be manufactured here in the United States by American workers will be exported to other countries, which will improve the balance of trade.

The fact that the White House is plagiarizing anyone is a reminder that Team Trump is managing to screw up big and small things on a almost daily basis, but in this story, it's far more alarming that the West Wing's communications office is literally on the same page as ExxonMobil.

Followed by the White House's:"Exxon Mobil is strategically investing in new refining and chemical-manufacturing projects in the United States Gulf Coast region to expand its manufacturing and export capacity". This information was given at the energy executive gathering, CERAWeek, which is the largest in the world. A heavy proportion of the project will be held in Beaumont, Texas where liquefied natural gas exports, oil refining capacity, and polyethylene production will be expanded.

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While celebrating the fact that hydraulic fracturing has helped make the U.S. a top producer of oil and gas in the world, he said the technology has also brought about a new era of investing for the country's downstream and manufacturing businesses.

Woods believes that the company's Gulf expansion projects will provide economic benefits to the region. The main objectives are to create plastic that is energy efficient and fuel that is cleaner to use. Woods said the project will create 45,000 jobs in the area.

In a press release following his speech at CERAWeek, Woods said that the overseas markets were the motivation behind the investments.

"Investments of this scale require a pro-growth approach and a stable regulatory environment and we appreciate the President's commitment to both", Woods said.

"The supply is here; the demand is there".

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