Woman accused of injecting woman in labor with heroin, meth

Woman accused of injecting woman in labor with heroin, meth

Woman accused of injecting woman in labor with heroin, meth

A New Hampshire woman injected her pregnant friend with heroin while she was going into labor because she is a "people-pleaser", she told cops, according to court documents made public today.

Felicia Farruggia, a 29-year-old living in New Hampshire, was in "full labor and giving birth to a baby boy" at her home in September.

Also arrested was 37 year old woman, Rhianna Frenette of Belmont who allegedly gave the expectant mother the speedball while she was in labor. They're charged with felony reckless conduct; Frenette also faces a misdemeanor count on the same offense.

When paramedics did arrive, Farruggia delivered a baby boy in the driveway while en route to a waiting ambulance.

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Both were held on bail on Wednesday. It wasn't immediately known whether they had attorneys; the public defender's office in Concord said it had no record that the cases were assigned.

A police affidavit said while at the hospital, the baby was in stable condition but was breathing rapidly, something that could have been caused by a number of conditions. She claimed Frenette had heroin and told her "it would take the edge off".

Frenette said that she saw Farruggia on the floor in the bathroom, in pain because of contractions, the prosecutor said in court. Urine tests revealed that the child's system was littered with methamphetamine, benzodiazepine, and amphetamine. Frenette said Farruggia had been trying to shoot up herself but was unable to do so and broke the needle. To boring out the pain, the woman asked Frenette to inject her with a cocktail of narcotics. Frenette said she then injected Farruggia. Farruggia told cops she took drugs through more than half of her pregnancy, documents show.

It's unclear if the child's health was affected by the alleged drug use.

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