Activists use Tax Day to say to Trump: Show us your returns

Trump promised throughout the 2016 campaign to release his tax returns, following a precedent set by every president and presidential candidate in American history since President Nixon.

The United States president still hasn't published them despite being in charge since January.

But Schumer said since Trump took office he has been "all talk and no action" on China.

President Trump has promised to cut taxes for middle income workers.

. The two countries have said they will work on a 100-day plan to bring better balance to the trade relationship.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, Trump said he told Chinese President Xi Jinping "that a trade deal with the USA will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem!"

Australia says it's ready to supply uranium to India
He was speaking at the 4th Australia India Skill Conference 2017 held in conjunction with visit of Prime Minister of Australia to India.

Marchand suspended two games for spear
To further break down his goals, nine of them have come on the power play while eight of them have been game winners. Fortunately for Marchand, the Bruins went on to win 4-0 without him, clinching their first playoff berth since 2014.

North Korea calls US strikes on Syria 'unforgivable'
Proud mother Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner, a close aide to President Trump, put the video on social media. This stands in great contrast with the strident Russian condemnation and denial of facts on the chemical attack itself.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says Trump is opening himself to second guessing about his motives for supporting different policies and that the average American will think he's making changes because "it's good for him".

"I think the view of most, if not all, in my caucus is very, very dubious of the kind of large-scale military action we saw in Iraq, and dubious of military action generally", Schumer added".

In our American democracy, we the people, are Trump's boss. "One of the greatest promises you [Trump] have broken to the American people who elected you was that you were going to get tough on China".

"When you're profiting from a city contract that doesn't return a dollar back to the city and your name is branded all over the property, transparency is vital", said Johnson.

Trump ordered the attack on Syria's Shayrat Air Base following reports of a chemical attack originating there that left more than 80 civilians dead. He said Democrats are very concerned about getting into a land war in Syria.

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