Alex Rodriguez Opens Up about Jennifer Lopez Romance

Alex Rodriguez Opens Up about Jennifer Lopez Romance

Alex Rodriguez Opens Up about Jennifer Lopez Romance

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that business magnate and perennial Dad of the Year candidate Alex Rodriguez had begun dating Jennifer Lopez. "We're having a great time", he said after been questioned about how true is the relationship he had with the Bronx singer. "One of the smartest human beings I've ever met an also an incredible mother", he said.

The View reported Friday citing confirmation from the 41-year-old player the superstar couple is in relationship. "She loves [her] family". They had been spotted several times together.

J. Rod is real: Alex Rodriguez confirmed a weeks-long rumor today (March 31) that he and Jennifer Lopez are definitely a couple.

Usually, celebrities in high-profile relationships are reluctant to talk about people they are dating, and Rodriguez tried to follow that rule, but he just could not contain himself. The same day after his appearance on this show, Alex and Jennifer were spotted together enjoying a lunch date at a NY restaurant. "A-Rod gave J.Lo a sweet touch when he got up", the eyewitness notes.

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"We've been having a great time", he added.

These fit stars have been seen on multiple occasions hitting the gym side by side. Under direct questioning, he told The View co-hosts, "It's obvious".

Alex went on to suggest he and Lopez bonded over their shared love of sports, explaining she was "an awesome, awesome athlete" in high school, while insisting the Love Don't Cost a Thing hitmaker really doesn't have lavish tastes. Perhaps, now that Rodriguez has broken his silence on national TV, she will follow suit.

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