Alphabet's Verily makes smartwatch for health research

Alphabet's Verily makes smartwatch for health research

Alphabet's Verily makes smartwatch for health research

It has physiological and environmental sensors capable of measuring cardiovascular variables, movement disorders and other areas.

It is a research device that stores the health data and is encrypted in the device to guarantee its safety.

The first- and second-generation Apple Watch devices lack always-on displays.

This wearable will also be incorporated in Baseline, a previously announced study which started in 2014, and was created to track the long-term vitals of 175 individuals for the sake of building "the fullest picture of what a healthy human being should be". This ability helps to set continuous care platforms and clinical research in accordance with the data attained. "Examples include electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, electrodermal activity, and inertial movements". The Verily Study Watch is in a league of its own, however. One contact point is the watch on the wrist, and the other point is formed when the user touches the metal bezel of the watch with their other hand.

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They include the Personalized Parkinson's Project, a two-year study in the Netherlands that will explore the impact of the disease, and a forthcoming Baseline study, which will track thousands of health people over time to explore the transition between health and disease. On-device data is encrypted, with that information uploaded and processed using Verily backend algorithms and machine learning tools.

Large internal storage and data compression allow the device to store weeks' worth of raw data, thus relaxing the need to frequently sync the device.

The Verily smartwatch has a powerful processor which supports real-time algorithms on it. It comes with a considerably long battery life which can last up to one week. Basically instead of features like displaying notifications from your phone, or controlling music playback, or playing games, the Study Watch will be more of a healthcare sort of device. This feature is helpful in terms of longitudinal studies for better user compliance. It's always on, but will only show the time and specific instructions, with no other data fed back to the user.

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