Apple wants to sell customers a 'premium' TV bundle (AAPL)

Apple wants to sell customers a 'premium' TV bundle (AAPL)

Apple wants to sell customers a 'premium' TV bundle (AAPL)

Apple could sell the bundle as standalone product, delivered via its iOS devices and its Apple TV settop box. But that's not gonna happen-at least not anytime soon.

This could possibly work for Apple and they may be able to convince the TV companies to sign up to a bundle deal as they already sell these three networks individually.

The three channels are now offered by Apple in the USA, but users have to pay $15 a month for HBO, $11 a month for Showtime and $9 a month for Starz.

Even if Apple can wrangle terms to bundle HBO, Showtime and Starz together - and there's no guarantee that will happen - the move is more tactical than a big strategic shift.

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Something's gotta give: Let's be frank.

For years, Apple has been trying to develop a pay TV service. According to Apple's media boss, Eddy Cue, the conventional TV networks are not providing the concessions being asked for. That could include this rumored premium bundle.

Several reports going back to 2009 have claimed Apple is getting ready to launch a subscription-based streaming TV service that would offer around 25 channels, DVR, and live-programming. Now it adds that Apple has approached HBO, Showtime and Starz about combining them into one package similar to how traditional pay-TV providers have done for a long time but with one key difference. AT&T, Sony, and Dish all sell internet TV packages, and Hulu and Google have announced plans to sell their own. All together, buying each service separately would cost about $36 per month.

There's no news yet on how much Apple is planning to sell its rumoured new package for - but we could well find out more at WWDC in June.

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