April the giraffe's baby is "kicking, but not coming out!"

When will the baby giraffe be able to walk?

Ricky Reilly, a 30-year-old musician based in New Hampshire, recently uploaded a YouTube video serenading April, the famously pregnant giraffe - and it's surprisingly catchy. Here are some facts about giraffes, their babies and how they are born.

Have we filled in yet another missing puzzle piece in the mysterious case of April, the seemingly forever-pregnant giraffe?

But - there WAS a giraffe born this week and it was on camera! The park said those were signs that she was experiencing contractions. However, with human intervention, giraffes can live to 20 to 27 years old.

The giraffe was expected to finish her gestation period - a usual giraffe pregnancy last between 13-15 months - later in the same month and give birth to her calf, but nearly two months later there has been no sign of April going into active labor. It can be anywhere from a slow trickle of liquid to a flow of mucus.

The Chester Zoo went live with their giraffe's birth. but only watch if you've got a strong stomach.

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They have been so overwhelmed with questions they have had to ask people to stop emailing in. "They are both pretty well behaved, but I once tangoed with Oliver in the yard and that was the last time for that".

At Animal Adventure Park in New York, April, who had been off her feed lately, began gorging on Thursday, giving zoo officials hope that her delivery is at hand. Once her calf is born and she is done nursing it, he or she will move on to another facility as it's rare to keep family members together with fear of incest.

But without a newborn giraffe, some comments have taken a darker turn, with more than a few people wondering whether the pregnancy is a hoax. The most common subspecies is the Rothschild's. "Typically a giraffe can eat up to 75lbs of food per day", said officials in the online post.

I've learned that giraffes sleep standing up and only sleep about two hours a day - just like me these days while I and a few million others are glued to our screens watching for this newest giraffe to arrive. Giraffes will remain indoors until conditions are agreeable.

Male bulls, like Oliver, do not participate in child-rearing.

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