Delta cancels 275 more flights days after storm disruptions

The ground stop was lifted around 1:40 p.m. but not before causing more delays and canceled flights. Approximately 275 flights have been canceled Saturday morning, with some additional cancellations possible.

"What's really frustrating is that there was an American Airline flight that I could have gotten on, to Indianapolis". Tracking service says Delta had canceled more than 400 flights by midday.

The thunderstorm in Atlanta, which hit Delta's largest hub on Wednesday, has had effects that reverberated through its flight network for days. A few passengers in Atlanta took to social media to declare that they were securing one-way rentals for under $100 to make 5-10 hour drives and get home in the same day, while many more who caught wind of this strategy later were out of luck after vehicle rental agencies quickly sold out. A couple I met traveling from Hong Kong stayed the night in Seattle because their flight was either canceled or delayed. The airline suffered roughly the same number of cancellations as this week's issues when an IT outage in August forced a halt to its operations, leaving the airline catching up for days.

Delta says in Panama City, Florida, Delta employees ordered 60 pizzas and 20 trays of chicken biscuits to feed well over 300 customers.

No Putin-Assad Contacts in Plans Yet - Kremlin Spokesman
Soon after the strike, Syrian forces described the act as "blatant aggression", and accused the USA of being a "partner of ISIS". Just last week, the White House backed away from the former Obama administration's stance that Assad must be removed from power.

Legislators debate state budget
NY state will avoid a government shutdown after lawmakers approved a two-month stopgap spending plan. He added that it's very hard to get lawmakers back to reopen a budget if federal cuts come through.

Amazon announces new way to buy groceries
It's more of a prepaid card so as soon as you checkout and pay in a physical store, funds are immediately added to your account. Your first step is to go to Amazon's website and claim your own personal barcode that's linked to your Amazon account.

This passenger was stranded in Nashville for over two hours, but was relieved to find a flight attendant handing out free slices. The airline also offered to waive change fees for those who rebooked their plans.

"It looks like a disaster zone", said traveler Shadow McKnight, who was trying to get home to Starkville, Miss. "I've never seen it like this".

"There's a ground hold at (New York's) LaGuardia so they may pull us off this plane", said Goldklang, speaking to CNN aboard a flight, her fourth attempt to get out of Savannah Friday evening. Their luggage was apparently never pulled off the plane in time in Hong Kong, so they won't have their luggage when they get to Atlanta. McKnight tried to get a rental vehicle but found none available. "I'll just keep driving east".

Delta says thunderstorms, however, are more hard to predict in severity and length.

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