Foldable smartphones to creep into market in 2019

In fairness to Samsung, we were warned that we were seeing a pre-release version of the tech and that it hadn't yet been adapted to work with British accents.

Late a year ago, the company also filed a patent with the Korean Intellectual Property Office for a flip phone that "can be folded or unfolded semi-automatically", read the patent.

It seems Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus units will be coming with a reward eCertificate of $100 from Samsung. A recent report published by Reuters suggests that the pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone have far and by exceeded the pre-orders that took place for Galaxy S7 past year.

The South Korean electronics giant spent three years to develop the Galaxy S8, which comes with a seamless hardware design and astonishing infinity display.

Samsung made headlines when they announced their new voice assistant called Bixby.

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In just few weeks of the Galaxy S8 lineup pre-orders going live in the United States and South Korea, Samsung witnessed a "double digit growth" (at least 10 percent) over Galaxy S7's past year. As an odd side note, owners of older Galaxy phones are more inclined to buy a new Samsung phone than owners of more recent devices. At launch, Samsung proclaimed with pride that using Bixby on Galaxy S8, "Anything you could do with touch, you can do with voice".

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will launch with the Bixby digital assistant that is a great feature addition to the flagship smartphones. However, other features such as the deluxe notification screen Bixby Home and Vision will be included in the April 21 launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Nevertheless, you can't hold onto a phone forever and in the last 12 months Kantar reports 28 percent of Samsung owners upgraded to a newer Galaxy phone.

Some investors and analysts believe the S8 could set a first-year sales record for Samsung, Reuters reports.

The arrival of the Galaxy S8 has had some setbacks too. Samsung is expected to launch the prototype by the end of June 2017. But it's the first material effort from Samsung, which has long expressed its intention to build a foldable handset small enough to fit in a pocket.

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