Fox News' Jesse Watters Takes First-Week Vacation After First-Daughter Comments

Fox News' Jesse Watters Takes First-Week Vacation After First-Daughter Comments

Fox News' Jesse Watters Takes First-Week Vacation After First-Daughter Comments

On Wednesday night, Watters said he'd be taking a brief family vacation a few days into his new gig, and that he'd return Monday. "I will not be here tomorrow, try not to miss me too much".

On Tuesday's show - which now airs at 9 p.m. - the Huntington resident and Bill O'Reilly protege - was speaking about Trump's appearance on a panel during a conference in Germany.

"It's amusing the left says they really respect women and then when given the opportunity to respect a woman they boo and hiss", Watters said.

On Wednesday morning, Watters took to Twitter to clarify the joke he made during the previous night's show. But some remarks he made during Tuesday's broadcast of "The Five" weren't seen as particularly light-hearted.

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Ivanka took her first official trip overseas on Tuesday, an appearance that was controversial in its own right. "She added the hashtags "#enough" and "#stepup" and wrote, "Microphone comments? It was a clear and public sign that Fox News still didn't give a shit about sexual harassment. He also was an O'Reilly contributor, and past year, took heat for a segment that was filmed in New York's Chinatown that included offensive stereotypes.

The episode comes at a bad time for Fox News, the cable news giant that has been reeling from claims of sexual misconduct throughout the organization. Watters, who basically started out on Fox doing a little blurb on O'Reilly's show, is a rising star at the cable news channel.

And in 2014, Watters was called homophobic by LGBT blogs for a segment that sent him to San Francisco's pride parade, where he teased gay men by asking, "Are you guys sure you don't like girls?"

Either way, Fox News critics will assume his absence has something to do with the reaction his comment has received on the heels of Bill O'Reilly being fired from the network over sexual harassment allegations.

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