Girls Series Finale Review: Season 6 Episode 10 - Latching

Girls Series Finale Review: Season 6 Episode 10 - Latching

Girls Series Finale Review: Season 6 Episode 10 - Latching

In season six, episode 10, titled "Latching", Hannah Horvath was finally forced to grow up in the show's finale. It didn't sugar coat the reality of life or end with a pretty bow.

But the last episode of "Girls" is not a time for a bottle episode, nor is it time to break the show's convention. Marnie's breastfeeding information and insistence is annoying, pushy, hurtful, even. And the quotes from the Girls finale prove this point that life sure isn't ideal, but it's there for us to learn from it.

"And that's a wrap on GIRLS", Williams, 29, captioned a photo of herself cuddling up to Dunham, 30. But I just remember Jenni being very, you know, sensitive and quiet and coming over. For whatever criticisms are thrown at the show, it is hard to deny that there is beauty in the writing.

And in addition to wrapping things up, the finale is a slyly subversive play on both the show's legacy and its take on sexuality. In the midst of chaos, heartbreak, and broken relationships come deep truths about life. It was so firmly of a time I don't know that it will age particularly well, and its ultimately pessimistic viewpoint doesn't really make it ripe for repeated viewings.

As Marnie and Loreen talked about what Marnie could possibly do next (law school?), Hannah finally got Grover to breastfeed, and the series ended with her quietly singing "Fast Car" as a lullaby over the credits. There's a sad truth in this speech. It also speaks to a truth that we tend to sometimes help out others first because we can't help ourselves.

"But", he continues, "whether or not Hannah should have become a mother, "Latching" has a vision, true to her character, about how she would have become a mother".

Hannah and her mom often had a strained relationship on 'Girls'.

What's In Her Future: While Marnie has tried out a few careers and dated a variety of guys, but she's never found anything that really makes her happy.

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Responding to criticisms that said Hannah's decision to keep the baby and keep her new job "teaching the Internet" at a college in upstate NY was "old-fashioned" and "narratively unrealistic", Dunham says, "Every choice we've ever made on "Girls" has been politicized".

Oh, some characters' life changes required more suspension of disbelief than others - none more so than Hannah's. Because a mom's whole job is to stay and love her child and do her best. But there are certain decisions that have unavoidable consequences. However, Hannah reminded Marnie that she wasn't breastfed, yet she grew up to be an unbelievable woman.

The episode follows Hannah and Marnie as they slip naturally into the off-kilter dynamic that so many couples experience in the early days of raising their first child. Because for once, someone else's wellbeing is worth Hannah's pain.

I know, I know. Hannah's pregnancy was surprising enough, but to have the news come from Joshua's mouth felt not like a dream but a wake-up call - a missive from the "real world", the world of professionals who own homes and eat their cupcakes in the kitchen, not the bathroom. We don't even see what her teaching job is like. Marnie drives her home from the appointment, convincing her not to give up.

During her walkabout, Hannah comes across a shoeless, pantsless girl running away from "an emergency incident". It also saw her telling someone else to put their clothes on for once, when she lent her pants to a teenage neighbour missing her own. "I feel a very big sense of relief", Konner says at the top of the interview. In her speech, while in some ways harsh for her audience, is tidbits of truth. With her own mom back in the house, Hannah really begins to regress, throwing tantrums like a teenager.

Girls premiered in 2012 to an immediate shitstorm of disdain, critical praise, charges of obliviousness and nepotism, and in the uglier parts of the internet, fierce shaming because women like Dunham who dared to get naked and filthy onscreen.

Several pop culture publications and trades printed stories this week about the fact that some combination of Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke, Andrew Rannells, and Adam Driver wouldn't appear in the Girls series finale. But between the general smugness and the treatment of characters of color on the show (and my fairly recent epiphany that every show that isn't Chewing Gum is plain trash), it's just not for me, despite everyone and their mothers insisting that this final season was "actually good".

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