Google Maps Pac-Man: How To Play 'Ms. Pac-Man' Mini-Game

Google Maps Pac-Man: How To Play 'Ms. Pac-Man' Mini-Game

Google Maps Pac-Man: How To Play 'Ms. Pac-Man' Mini-Game

If you want to take a crack and playing on a map showing the area you actually live in, you'll have to load up Google Maps on your web browser.

Open up your app and in the bottom-right corner, just above the crosshair "Pinpoint My Location" button, you should see a mauve button with the image of Ms. Pac-Man.

As the Verge pointed out, this is basically a repeat of what Google did in 2015, when they let users play Pac-Man on their maps. "We are really all compost if you think about it", says Gnomey gloomily.

There won't be as many features as last year's version but it's still fun to play any kind of Pac-Man in any kind of setting, wouldn't you agree?

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The app will transform anywhere into a playable Ms. Pac-Man stage.

There is a reason Google rules when it comes to celebrating April Fools' Day. And since it's already April Fools' Day somewhere in the world, the game launched in middle of the day Mountain Time on Friday. Although, it seems like Apple users has the option to choose the location.

Google has once again turned the annual prankster's holiday into a pastime all of us can enjoy.

Pac Man on the streets of your city - or city of choice. But once you get going, it's fairly easy to play.

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