Google takes additional steps to limit fake and inaccurate search results

Google takes additional steps to limit fake and inaccurate search results

Google takes additional steps to limit fake and inaccurate search results

Interestingly, to counter the epidemic of fake news and inappropriate content, the Mountain View, California-based search giant will be resorting to manual monitoring (read: human assistance).

As the vice president for Google's engineering division for search, Ben Gomes puts it, it's unlikely for fake news to ever disappear on the internet.

The company said although the number of fake news stories being surfaced in search results is a very small proportion of the total news stories appearing at just 0.25%, the content is clearly misleading or just not correct, Google said. More information on how Google identifies high-quality content from low-quality content can be found here.

According to a Recode report, the top search engine, Google, will be updating its algorithms.

April 25 google has sprinkled some new ingredients into its search engine in an effort to prevent bogus information and offensive suggestions from souring its results. Back in December, for instance, the top search result Google displayed when searching "did the Holocaust really happen?" was from a white supremacist website.

Google has also tweaked its search algorithms to ensure that "low-quality" content shows up lower in search results, which should minimize their reach.

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The company admits it still hasn't gotten it right when it comes to tackling this problem, but there has been progress. The problem has changed its shape a little but Google is still committed towards its long-term efforts of improving upon the info displayed in any user's search results. "This includes improvements in Search ranking, easier ways for people to provide direct feedback and greater transparency around how Search works", Google wrote in a post.

Google is also implementing Feedback links for users to report on the accuracy of autocomplete search queries and Featured Snippet text.

In recent months, those featured snippets have featured worrisome results such as hoaxes or information from sites that promote blatant conspiracy theories.

As part of the process, Google is taking feedback from real people who assess the quality of Google's search results and give their feedback on its experiments. Finally, Google is adding more information on the technology behind its Search features on its website.

Gomes says: "Our algorithms have always had to grapple with individuals or systems seeking to "game" our systems in order to appear higher in search results-using low-quality "content farms", hidden text and other deceptive practices". (We've reached out to Google, but representatives didn't immediately respond.) Will Google's algorithms take over, or will an actual human make the call?

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