Hacking Nintendo's Switch could score you $20000

Nintendo will unveil more details on, and hopefully give release dates for, ARMS and Splatoon 2 during a Nintendo Direct happening on Wednesday 12th April at 23:00 United Kingdom time / midnight CEST (technically making it Thursday 13th).

The stream kicks off at 3 p.m. PDT / 6 p.m. EDT.

In the Direct Conference, Nintendo will be focusing on the information about Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. You can earn in-game currency to purchase new weapons. Shifty and if you've not seen anything of it so far, its basically a sort of top-down heist game in the style of Hotline Miami. The new PvE game mode will be a welcome change of pace for players who are intimidated by the PvP options, so Splatoon 2 may have an even broader appeal (though that depends on how many consumers own a Switch). Both the game and three new amiibo will appear on July 21, 2017.

During today's Nintendo Direct, a number of exciting things were revealed for Splatoon 2.

Meanwhile, IGN speculates if Nintendo will talk about its next smartphone game during the upcoming Nintendo Direct event this week, since its last announcement about a mobile game happened in January with the launch of "Fire Emblem Heroes".

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Like Arms, Splatoon 2 doesn't have a firm release date - it is expected to launch in either in the second or third quarter of 2017 but no further details have been offered just yet.

Nintendo is searching for help in identifying system flaws within its Switch video game console. Unlike the stationary Wii U, the portable Switch can be brought on-the-go and linked up with other Switches, allowing you to engage in battle with friends in the same room or around the world.

BGR, on the other hand, reports that Nintendo has already given players a chance to test Splatoon 2 last March.

For now, only the handheld 3DS and new hybrid Switch console are included in the programme, with Nintendo offering rewards ranging from $100 to $20,000.

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