Hillary Clinton Bashes Trump for Blocking Syrian Refugees

"I also hope that they will recognize that we can not in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next close America's doors to them", she said.

In a report, released in January, by the U.S. intelligence community - the FBI, NSA and CIA - it was concluded that Russian president Vladimir Putin "ordered an influence campaign" to "undermine public faith in the USA democratic process [and] denigrate secretary Clinton".

"I will confess to this: having listened to them talk about repeal and replace for 7 years now, they had not a clue what that meant; they had no idea", Clinton stated when asked about the health-care bill.

Bee gave a short speech introducing Clinton, who gave her first public interview since the election with The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof.

Hillary Clinton has called for an independent investigation into the involvement of Russian Federation into the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

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"In this election, there was a very real struggle between what is viewed as change that is welcome and exciting to so many Americans and change that is worrisome and threatening to so many others".

"Look, Syria's been a wicked problem for a very long time and the images of innocent people, of parents and especially children suffering in the aftermath of that most recent deadly gas attack were more appalling than I certainly can put into words", Clinton said at an event in Texas.

"Everything that has come to light in the days and weeks since have been all so troubling so I just had to make up my mind that 'yes, I was going to get out of bed", she said. "As an American I'm pretty anxious", she said.

Clinton said that she is convinced that Putin and Russian Federation were responsible for the email hacking activity that targeted the Democratic party and that they have to be held accountable.

If anyone was wondering how the former secretary of state is doing after she lost to Trump, the answer is that she is now doing fine but she is more anxious about the nation, especially after all the Executive Orders and threats to women's health care and health care in general. She revealed that she has no plans to run for office again but her fight for women's rights will not stop. I think it would be naïve, " she continued.

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